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The most beautiful house of the Renaissance , these are the words that used the the historian Clark to describe the elegant Urbino Duke Palace, that dominates the town from above. Try to imagine Piero della Francesca, in its garden, discussing with the mathematician Pacioli, theoretician of prospective while Paolo Uccello take down notes on the argument and Bellini laughs amused by such a passionate discussion.

In the meantime the Court Painter Giovanni Santi runs after his child: “Raffaello, don’t bother Mr.Della Francesca!”.  Buzzati wrote that the voices of ancestors can still be heard along the red bricked streets of Urbino, and we think that’s the truth.

The masterpiece of the Montefeltro is without doubt a museum city that together with its well known University make it an active and lively place. A UNESCO heritage site, Urbino has an incoherent development plan, since from  the Roman age. Its most prestigious period goes from  1444 to 1482 under Federico da Montefeltro. In this lapse of time this was the meeting point for artists, scientists literate men and philosophers that gathered here to elaborate and export renaissance theories. The town is a lively symbol of the most prestigious artistic period of Italy.

The Palazzo Ducale (Duke’s Palace) realised by Laurana is the most outstanding renaissance allegory and houses a prestigious National Gallery full of masterpieces. IN the suggestive historical center you also have the house of Raffaello (Casa di Raffaello), while on its borders you can visit the  Santa Chiara monastery and the wonderful renaissance church San Bernardino.

Urbino is also the demonstration that for centuries arts and science have cooperated. That’s why we suggest you to visit the Museum of Physics’ cabinet and admire the amazing meridiane (sundials) of the town. We recommend you the unique refraction one, kept in the roof garden of the Palace, and the darkroom one kept in the Sant’Agostino church.

Urbino’s food offer is mainly made of traditional recipes. We suggest you the restaurant L’angolo diVino and la Vecchia Urbino, both specialized in typical meals and cave matured cheeses, served in a wonderful medieval ambient.

For a nifty aperitif we recommend you the Caffè del sole, with its delicious cocktails. Eventually, not far from the city we suggest you one of the best restaurant of the region, San Giacomo di Urbino, immersed in a luxuriant natural context..

Where you find students you have clubs: more pubs than discos, more meeting places than wide halls. If you are looking for a  crowded place to dance you must leave the town, even if Urbino can propose you some special places that won’t disappoint you: the famous Bosom, the Mannaggia, inpired to Salento region offering live music and traditional meals from Puglia, and the El Piquero, with live music and dance halls every day in the week.

The town has no intention to look only at its past and as a proof it organises every year the most important festival of independent culture and music in central Italy, Frequenze Disturbate. During this three days festival, despite the University is closed for summer holidays, Urbino is crowded with young people and its yards and gardens, fortresses and cloisters echo with musical notes and avant-garde recitals

Urbino is dominated by the the XIVth century Albornoz Fortress, its name comes from the bishop who wanted to build it as a defence for the town. Here in 1502, Leonardo da Vinci, only armed with a rudimentary compass and a simple notebook, drew a detailed and precise survey of the fortress and the city walls, today this plan is preserved in the Istituto di Francia.

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