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Not far from San Vittore, the castle of Pierosara boasts a secret legend similar to that of Paolo and Francesca. The story tells that a foreign liege lord fell in love with a girl of Castelpetroso named Sara. The girl was already engaged with Piero a yellow citizen, but the liege lord decided to kidnap her. The consequence was a fierce fight against the two towns that lead to the death of many soldiers but not only. Sara as well as Piero died in a battle. From that day on the place changed its name in PieroSara.

The village really deserves a visit: its narrow streets that lead to the castle are still charming and suggestive, from the top of the hill you can enjoy one of the most wonderful landscapes of the area . If you are going to the Frasassi Caves Grotte di Frasassi, we suggest you to stop in PieroSara to taste a good traditional home made meal made of mushrooms and wild boar at the La Torre restaurant. Here you will find a quiet place very different from the crowded restaurants around the Caves entrance.

Once in town you can also make an excursion to the Foro degli Occhialoni, an amazing and charming window above the Caves. The path is quite difficult and we recommend the inexperienced excursionist to do it carefully.

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