Lorenzo Lotto’s Art

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There are artists who unhinge the usual way of thinking. They just get out of the historical schemes, bring them into question and don’t want to be labelled. Lorenzo Lotto is the prototype of this artist. On a scenario that set  the Florence-roman school against the one in Venice, he, born in Venice (1480), works in Treviso, Bergamo and above all Marche.

Unlike the star-painters of the renaissance he’s complicated and shy. His way of painting, rich in humanity and contamination, is set against the current conflict between Venetian world of colours and the Florence-Roman world of drawing.

In his style the colour tone, typical of Venice melts with a warm sentimentalism and the echoes of  Raffaello and Michelangelo seen in Rome in the early 1500. His great artistic personality allows him to balance some totally different influences and turn them into chances for his scopes. He didn’t exceed in a sense or the other, but used Roman, Florence as well as Venetian tradition and Lombard humanity to strengthen a personal poetic concept.

Vasari described him only as pious and devoted man. That’s the reason why he didn’t decide to attend the main renaissance courts but the lost monasteries in Marche’s villages. Once he’s back in Venice he didn’t manage to follow Tiziano’s footsteps due to he was deeply involved in his poetic.

He has a complex and modern personality, that will only be understood after his death. Nowadays, Lorenzo Lotto is considered among the most important painters of the XVI century, certainly the most human, fragile and philosophical. He still can’t be numbered among the usual schemes of geography, in fact he’s not roman or Venetian and that is why he deserves a personal chapter on every art book.

In Marche he found at ease, thanks to this quiet place he found the necessary strength to paint. He operated in many churches in our region, the most important is the Holy House in Loreto. In Marche he probably appreciated the absence of that triumphant pleasure and lust typical of the main artistic centres like Rome and Florence. He was definitely an anti-star

Marche boast 24 of his works, many of them can be considered milestones of the renaissance history. From Jesi to Ancona, from Cingoli to Recanati and Loreto, from Mogliano to Monte San Giusto. The regional itinerary dedicated to the painter is among the most important in Italy: due to the large quantity and quality of his works and the deep relationship that bound them to the territory were they were painted.

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