The Conero

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Conero Natural Park is a charming and unique place al long the Adriatic coast. The feet of the mount plunge into the sea creating a series of small beaches that border the wild nature or the rocks steeply above the sea. The Conero Park is a destination for many excursionists due it is covered with a wide net of paths that allow the visitors to see it completely from one side to the other.

Hotel receptivity doesn’t play a predominant role in comparison to nature. The wonderful broom or lavender blooming always play the main character. Among the interesting places of the park we would like to mention the lovely Camerano, known for its famous underground tunnels, Numana and Sirolo two pearls of the coast and finally Portonovo. The majority of tourists are attracted by the sea but not only, there are many others attracted by the walking tours and mountain bike tracks on the mount Conero that will reveal a pure nature in all its beauty.
In the end we can’t forget the typical food of this place: you must absolutely taste the original food and wine of this land.

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