The Sibillini

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In 2003 the Monti Sibillini National Park was awarded with the WWF Golden Panda: this prestigious nomination aimed to award the attention of the Park toward Flora and fauna preservation. The Park includes 4 provinces, 18 city councils, 8 massifs, 7 of them are above 2000 mt and four rivers. The Sibillini are a group of mountains that can be divided into three areas, The northern, the central-southern and southern-west.

The first includes the Monte Bove, the Ambro valley and the Fiastrone rivers gorges. The second gathers the most important mountains: Vettore, Sibilla,  Porche, Palazzo Borghese and  Prata. The third doesn’t include high mountains but its main feature is the suggestive Castelluccio plain.

Every mountain has its own characteristic.  They are all covered with walking paths and lodges but the Sibilla, Porche, palazzo Borghese and the Prata are connected by a suggestive path called the Ring. At the feet of every mountain it will be easy to find an accommodation, from hotel to apartments, or just find a place to eat a good typical meal without spending a lot of money.

Among the city councils inside the park we suggest you Bolognola, the highest and smallest town in the Marches, then Fiastra, on a quiet artificial lake, Visso, the suggestive seat of the Park, Montemonaco and the small village of Foce, the ideal place to start your climb up to the tops and the Pilate Lake.
The most important places under the skiing aspect are without doubt Frontignano and Sarnano. The main activities you can practice in the area are skiing, trekking, mountain bike in a wonderful natural scenario.

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