Frasassi Caves

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We have been there once, then twice and then an other time, an in the end we never wanted to go back home. The Caves are considered by experts and lovers among the most important and charming in the whole world. It is useless trying to describe them. Halls, corridors, canyons made of stalagmites and stalactites. The main room is the Great Hall of Wind (Grotta Grande del Vento), where an explorer in 1971 throw a little stone that didn’t touch the floor immediately.

The late known Ancona Abyss was 200 mt deep, 180 mt long and 120 mt wide. Inside the Stalagmites called the Giants were 20 mt high. The fantastic architecture inspired explorers to look for an appropriate name for this magic world they discovered, that’s the reason why nowadays you can admire the Fairy Castle, the Crystal Lake, the Devil with a Candle, The Witch Castle, The Obelisk, The Room of the candles.

This natural monuments are not dead as you can think but they still survive and keep on living thanks to the natural humid environment inside the caves. Inside you will never find something comparable to the outer world, sizes are different, water creates statues, pyramids and it can take a thousand year to achieve that.
The tourist path, always with an official guide, is an unforgettable experience; but you can choose also the Adventurous path, a little bit harder, where you will be brought by two speleologists inside the tunnels and holes where a normal visitor can’t access.
It is necessary to keep in mind that in order to visit this underground paradise winter wear is highly recommended due to its constant 14°C temperature. Remember that any time you touch stalagmites  their growth will be definitely jeopardized so it is compulsory not to touch them while you visit the place..

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