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Working at our new website, we took care about the Region and the customer indeed, trying to find out the most points of contact we could. We noticed that there are a lot of turistic websites (lots of information, few products) and commercial websites (lots of products, few information) and decided to organize a new generation website.
Easy to surf, marries quality of information and multiplicity of propositions, by means a meticulous and original Region guide and a lot of correlated products. The Guide and the list of proposal move together: you may choose to read the Ancona’s guide, and at once have all the proposal about Ancona on the screen. Similarly, you may choose a single proposal (for example: Ancona’s churches tour) and at once have any information about the area of the proposal you may need or look for. Equally, you may decide to surf using the google map of the Marches, where you’ll be able to find our artistic, naturalistic and cultural guide and our proposals too.
With our website we want to marry knowledge and proposals, culture and commerce, that are traditionally prerogative of different sites and portals.

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