• 20 January 2009

    The Sibillini

    In 2003 the Monti Sibillini National Park was awarded with the WWF Golden Panda: this prestigious nomination aimed to award the attention of the Park toward Flora and fauna preservation. The Park includes 4 provinces, 18 city councils, 8 massifs, 7 of them are above 2000 mt and four rivers. The Sibillini are a group [...]

  • 19 January 2009

    Frasassi Caves

    We have been there once, then twice and then an other time, an in the end we never wanted to go back home. The Caves are considered by experts and lovers among the most important and charming in the whole world. It is useless trying to describe them. Halls, corridors, canyons made of stalagmites and [...]

  • 19 January 2009

    The Conero

    Conero Natural Park is a charming and unique place al long the Adriatic coast. The feet of the mount plunge into the sea creating a series of small beaches that border the wild nature or the rocks steeply above the sea. The Conero Park is a destination for many excursionists due it is covered with [...]

  • 19 January 2009


    The most beautiful house of the Renaissance , these are the words that used the the historian Clark to describe the elegant Urbino Duke Palace, that dominates the town from above. Try to imagine Piero della Francesca, in its garden, discussing with the mathematician Pacioli, theoretician of prospective while Paolo Uccello take down notes on [...]

  • 16 January 2009

    Lorenzo Lotto’s Art

    There are artists who unhinge the usual way of thinking. They just get out of the historical schemes, bring them into question and don’t want to be labelled. Lorenzo Lotto is the prototype of this artist. On a scenario that set  the Florence-roman school against the one in Venice, he, born in Venice (1480), works [...]

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