Countryside and Natural parks

“Marche region is a little Italy. You can find everything in”. Here you can climb,. you can swim and you can walk. The absence of big metropolis has preserved a natural environment that nowadays is even more valorised : 10% of its territory is a Natural Park, Environmental protection is the very first issue of the regional agenda: we have 2 national parks, 4 regional parks, 5 natural reserves, more than 100 protected areas and 15 state forests.

It’s a place for all tastes: 15 Blue Flags (Italian Leadership) grant the purity of the coast; 14 orange flags of the Italian Touring Club award the respect of the environment and the hospitality of the inland territory. In the middle: the country side. Lots of proud villages and fortresses scattered on an infinite wave of fields, monuments and history on a territory that goes from the Montefeltro to the Vallesina, and in the end to the wild Piceno. Those who have been here can confirm it this is a place for all tastes, you can drive along a road and meet people in costume going to the beach while other going in the mountain with boots and sticks.

You will have the chance to find a pure countryside life, without boutiques but shops, without gazebos but verandas where they still make bread with wheat and people live of their vegetable gardens and stock wood for winter season. Nature is pure and, as a precious food, doesn’t need dressing. This is demonstrated by the purity of the land and natural parks: the Gola della Rossa, and Frasassi, the San Bartolo, a perfect fusion between man and nature; the Conero, a unique oasis along the Adriatic coast; the Sasso Simone e Simoncello, a secret combination between history and rough beauty of the landscape.

Among the infinite possibilities, we propose you some mountain and country side tours where you will guided by nature only.

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