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Marche’s measures. Some figures that will help you to understand the value of the coast: 180 km of beach (sand, stones, rocks all bordering the Adriatic sea, alternating some velvet beaches to rocky cliffs. In 2008 Marche, together with Tuscany, was awarded with 15 Blue Flag, due to its clear blue waters, the respect of the environment, eco sustainability and accommodation receptivity. The sea, here, is really for all tastes: from the finest sand to the roughest rocks, from the paradise little bays to the typical fishermen villages preserved from mass tourism. Some of this places are made for a family some other for young people. You can couple a typical restaurant with an historical and cultural excursion or just a disco pub with a party on the beach. The criteria is always the same: a deep respect for the sea and nature. This is the real valorisation of a simple and pristine beauty that only needs to be experienced.

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