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15 DOC. 2 DOCG (mark guaranteeing the quality of a wine). Great wines internationally famous, awarded with numerous prizes and nominated in the main wine and food guides. They are above all native vines. Their history dates back to ancient times. Hannibal used to treat his horses wit Piceno wine. Plinio used to celebrate the outstanding wine of this land. Alarico king of the Visigoths used to carry with his army lots of Verdicchio barrels and a few centuries later he was imitated by Garibaldi. In the end you should visit our region only to know its wines.
The most famous and diffused is without doubt the Verdicchio della Vallesina, considered by Pietro Aretino a panacea against all diseases. Its yellow colour, its delicate fragrance rich of peaches, apple, lemon and hawthorn shades, its dry but strong taste and a bitter after-taste are the main features of the Verdicchio di Jesi, produced even as a “Reserve” with at least two years maturation and a minimum 12,5 alcoholic content. Over the last few years the historical strength of this wine has been tempered by the action of some producers which obtained a much fruitier product without compromising the original quality. Today you can find good quality Verdicchio every where in the countryside of our region.

We can mention some brands you shouldn’t forget such as the Plenio Riserva by Umani Ronchi, which obtained a special award of the Duemilavini guide and the Veronelli guide, the fragrant and limited production Gaiospino by the Fattoria Coroncino, the delicious Bonci in Cupramontana that proposes a vigorous San Michele and many more. The Verdicchio success on a national and international level is the result of the work of many young producers which introduced new technologies that contributed to the improvement of the quality and the increasing of its fame.

A rich and surprising variety of the Verdicchio is the one produced in the Matelica area, it was chosen by Garibaldi to inject courgae into his soldiers veins. Not so different from the Jesi type, it’s also yellow coloured with a bitter after-taste. This kind of vineyard is not influenced by sea breezes and achieves a consistency ideal for maturation.
Among the numerous white wines we can mention the Bianchello del Metauro, with its sweet fragrance but dry taste. This is an harmonic lighter wine, similar to Tuscany’s Trebbiano.
The Falerio dei Colli Ascolani is an other excellent wine: deeply fragrant, harmonic and but a slightly acid taste. It is supplied with a minimum 11,5 alcoholic content and can be coupled with all the products of the area.
Other important white wines are the DOC Colli Maceratesi, in their early maturation period, the Colli Pesaresi and Roncaglia bianco, harmonic and tasty, Esino, particularly fruity and supplied ewven in a sparkling version

The red wines are not less prestigious than the the white and boast some products of absolute quality such as the Lacrima di Morro d’Alba and the Rosso Conero.
The Lacrima vine was about to be abandoned and was saved in extremis. This intense ruby wine has a typical and unmistakable taste, with a strong violet fragrance. The Lacrima must be served within its first year of maturation because in this lapse of time it maintains its original taste and fragrance.

The Rosso Conero, together with Marches olive oil, was so important to Venice that they prohibited its exportation to Lombardia and built a castle in Ravenna to control the exchanges. This is an outstanding wine, it is strong and harmonic. It reminds a wild cherry and fruits of the forest taste and in some cases can smell sour black cherry and dried figs. Its colour is ruby and impenetrable. You can couple it with some of the main courses of Marches tradition. Among the main producers of this wine we have to mention Umani Ronchi and their Cumaro, winner of many international awards, and the Cantina Moroder with a prestigious classic Rosso Conero and a reserve named Dorico widely appreciated.
Rosso Piceno as well, even if less known, is really fragrant and fruity wine. Its Superior version achieves a strong personality without losing its fresh and ethereal character. This wine can be consumed within two years and has also a remarkable Novello version (early wine).
In the end, we must point out some less known typical wines that resisted to the attack of modernity and, thanks to the loving work of their producers, they have found a new life. These are the Doc Offida such as the Passerina and Pecorino, some unquestionable prestigious wines that year after year are able to give some new unforgettable emotions. An other one is the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, a red sparkling wine obtained by dried grapes in a relatively small area; only 45 hectares. Its taste is definitely warm and sweet at the same time.

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