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“Cooking and sex are the only two things that involve simultaneously all the five senses“. This is the motto of the Senigallia chef Mauro Uliassi: its style, despite deeply influenced by Ferran Adrià, turns away from its concept and approach the sensual aspect. He makes a sort of erotic cooking that penetrates your soul and is the result of an emotional observation. Every day his staffs gather and make a real ingredient brain storming, the result is an amazing cuttlefish wit cow milk cheese or raw fish with poppy seeds and sprouts.

The place is simple and refined built on the seafront. Every detail has been created to make you feel home an in the mean time to understand you are in a unique place.
His delicious tasty menus are extremely huge: their price never goes below 100 euros. Wine list is outstanding and the place, together with its owner and staffs, transmit you a harmonic sense of home.

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