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The Renaissance in Marche

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The XVI century renaissance is without doubt the golden period for history and art in Marche. In this period the main noble courts flourish and support  the new fashion called arts patronage. The noble surround themselves with artists, philosophers and literates. They competed to take a successful young artist or a famous master to their Courts. Now we have to distinguish those artists who passed or stayed for sometimes and those born in the region influenced by the foreigners but bound to their typical characters.

For sure the story of the main noble families is coupled to that of arts, the Montefeltro, the Malatesta, Valentino Sforza, the Pallotta, the Della Rovere, always fighting one against the other, ready to betray or signing a peace treaty are the most important patrons who boosted artistic production in our region placing it at the heart of the Italian Renaissance.

Very important personages came to Marche such as:Giambellino, Piero della Francesca, Tiziano, Paolo Uccello, Luca Pacioli, Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino, Leon Battista Alberti… Lorenzo Lotto, who deserves a dedicated chapter.  This was the atmosphere in which worked  Raffaello, son of the also famous Giovanni Santi, born in the wonderful Court of Urbino.

Urbino is the most important renaissance center, inside the castle there were more ideas than soldiers. The National Gallery in Palazzo Ducale (The Duke’s Palace Gallery) gives us an image of that tizzy and flourishing period through the works of Piero della Francesca, Paolo Uccello, Tiziano, Raffaello, Alberti, Bellini, Giusto di Gand. A breath taking visit among the masterpieces that marked world art history such as La città ideale, the Flagellazione by Piero, the Profanazione dell’ostia by Paolo Uccello. These artists, who spent only a few time in March, drew the inspiration they needed to accomplish their masterpieces.

The Pala Pesaro by Giovanni Bellini is the pearl of the Pesaro collections, while in Ancona can be found some pieces by Tiziano (City Gallery and San Domenico church). These artists, together with Sebastiano del Piombo and the great Melozzo da Forlì and Luca Signorelli demonstrate their prestige in Loreto sacristies. The Della Rovere didn’t want to be inferior to the Montefeltro and to their predecessors so they called Dosso Dossi, from Ferrara, to their Villa Imperiale  in order to draw some very refined wall paintings.

The local paint, marked by exterior influences, mostly Tuscany and Venetian, melt them to the typical features of tradition such as care of the natural aspect and religion.

Lorenzo Lotto is the artistic symbol of the region: his art is full of sentimentalism and love for narration. Among the most important renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli is an extensive painter that spent the majority of his life in Marche, and here he left the majority of his art works. The Venetian matrix, deeply influenced by Mantegna, results in the love for narration and details. His works are visible in the main Marche Museums. Among them we point out those exhibited at the Polo Museale di Montefiore dell’Aso.

A long forsaken painter that today as been discovered again is Simone De Magistris, whose works made Caldarola a place unique in its kind. Lorenzo Lotto, was his master and he can be considered among the most brilliant examples of the passage between a soft renaissance and a visionary mannerism. His way of paintings slightly recalls his Venetian Master and El Greco. Caldarola, seat of the Noble Family Pallotta, still preserves his works: you can’t miss the wonderful Stanza del Paradiso (Paradise Room) inside Pallotta’s Palace.

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