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People’s fantasy is very much stimulated by the great variety of fish of the Adriatic. Fish is always the core of the recipe and fantasy can’t overwhelm it or compromise its taste. On the contrary they always tend to exalt this special food. Among the numerous courses of this kind we must point out the brodetto and Ancona’s style stockfish.

The Brodetto is a traditional fish soup that should be made with 13 different fish species. A real fish carnival. According to the original recipe you should take a scorpion fish, mince garlic and parsley, cut some tomato slices and put it in pan where you have slightly fried some onion slices; then you can start adding the other kinds of food, from cuttlefish to mussels. When it starts boiling you only need to pour some vinegar and serve it on a bowl where you have already lied some grilled bread slices. For those who wants to go deep into the knowledge of this traditional course we suggest you the restaurant La Moretta in Ancona, on the beautiful Piazza del Plebiscito.

An other famous course in this area is Stockfish. This delicatessen is often prepared with potatoes and a huge greedy sauce. Among the restaurant specialised in this traditional food we suggest you Stockfish, a place totally dedicated to this kind of fish.
Sea basses and breams, sardines and shrimps are the other main ingredients of the main fish courses you will have the chance to taste along the coast. These courses belong to tradition but have also been revisited by the internationally famous chefs such as Uliassi and Cedroni from Senigallia. For the lovers of the first courses we suggest you to try the spaghetti Mari e Monti, a fascinating combination of the territory virtues, or the Campofilone maccheroncini with shrimps.

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