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Farm Meat, Wild Meat, White and red meat, meat for all tastes and for all dishes as well. This can be adapted in numerous ways both to first and second courses. The hard peasant life, tradition and cohabitation with animals have stimulated the people fantasy, always attentive to exalt the value of raw materials.
Among the first courses we have to point out the Vincisgrassi. This particular course, similar to Lasagne (but don’t call it Lasagne please) was invented by an Ancona cook in honour of the Austrian army officer Windisch-Graez that defeated the French Army. There is no original recipe of this course. Any other cook will provide you with a different way of preparation but in the end you will absolutely like it. In the Sibillini area you will also find a trout version of the course.
Other delicious first courses are the Stracciatella, a peasant tradition soup, the Zuppa del Montefeltro and some huger meals such as the Gnocchi with goat sauce, typical of the Castelfidardo area and the pappardelle with truffle or wild boar sauce; the best are in the Fabriano area.
The meat second courses are maybe more than the first: every town and village has its own traditional delicatessen. Among the large quantity we would like to point out the coniglio in porchetta, rabbit meat stuffed with spices and wild fennel, the l’agnello alla cacciatora, lamb with spices, herrings and red pepper, and finally the pollo in potacchio, an unmistakable chicken cooked in a tomato sauce.
But the real Marches representative in the world is the Ascoli’s Olive. These big olives, with their particular elliptical shape are emptied and then stuffed with minced veal and pork meat, sheep milk cheese, parmesan, nutmeg and white wine, and finally they are fried. A delicious course ideal as a starter if only you could stop eating it then….

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