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Marches Fish, due to the purity and cleanliness of the sea, boast a real guarantee mark (QM). The most diffused species of the Adriatic, one of the most teeming with fish of the whole Mediterranean area, belong to the Blue Fish Type, such as herrings and sardines. It is also rich of mullets, cuttlefish, squids and cods. Adriatic fish is rich in proteins, similar to beef but much more digestible. This fish is also full of Omega 3, the so called “good fat”, and can be found every time of the year.

These are the reasons of the success of Marches seafood cooking; the fantasy of the chefs only exalted a naturally healthy food. Many of them use to present simple recipes such as the sarde scottadito (grilled sardines) and the mussles dressed with a few lemon drops. You will certainly find some other more worked out courses such as the Ancona’s Brodetto or Stockfish. But the freshness, the daily availability and cheap price are the key points of the Adriatic fish strength.

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