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During the Middle Age on Ferrara shores, when they saw a Marches ship, they used to ask a 25 lbs olive oil toll, that is to say, at that time, Marches oil was the most precious on the market and was highly exported to Venice and Milan. Olive trees are integrant parts of Marches landscape: those nervous and twisted trunks, often centenary, and those silver brilliant leaves reflecting sun beams everywhere, are the symbols of a hard and sane nature, whose products, even if scarce, are outstanding.  The olive oil quality types are numerous, they are all characterised by low acidity level.

The most famous is without doubt the Ascoli type, also known in a traditional recipe as Olive Ascolane. They are big and fleshy, and awarded with the DOP quality guarantee mark. The area of production includes 62 towns. They can be served in brine or according to the typical recipe, stuffed and then fried.
Marches oil maintains the centenary tradition and is the result of a handmade process concerning small plots of land that often border vineyards. The production involves many people, among them also wine producers who combine their outstanding production with an other special gift of this land. An example: Coroncino Farm in Staffolo or Mancinelli in Morro d’Alba.
Among the best outputs we would like to mention the aromatic oils of Giacani in Jesi. The olive farm Giacani produces a selected brand of olive oil preserved in a quarter of litre bottles. This limited edition oil has a deep elegant taste and a perfumed aroma. Besides, they also have created some mandarin, pistachio and rosemary special oils. In any case, wandering around the beautiful countryside you will have the chance to discover a new producer that will propose you to taste his home made treasure pouring it on a slice of home made bread.

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