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The Art Museums of our region can show you the past, the present and the future of art, tradition and innovation at the same time. The precious galleries that gather masterpieces of medieval, renaissance and contemporary art are supported by the numerous private collections and the new art museums and permanent installations.

Artistically speaking the region is very fertile: the historical monuments and collections function as a spring for the new generation movements. Some museums are definitely unique and must be visited once due to the masterpieces they preserve and for their atmosphere.

The City Museum in Pesaro deserves a visit only for one of the main works of the renaissance, the Pala Pesaro by Giovanni Bellini, but preserves also some important paintings by Beccafumi and Reni, besides the frightening Medusa by Mengaroni.
Ancona’s  city gallery preserves a precious collection of XV century paint, made of many local artists works and the wonderful Tiziano’s Assunzione (Pala Gozzi).

The Duke’s Palace National Gallery in Urbino is, without doubt, among the most important in Italy. The show is breath taking: Piero della Francesca, Raffaello, Tiziano, Bellini, Paolo Uccello, Giusto di Gand are the guests of the once called “the most beautiful house of the Renaissance”.

Two minor galleries are in Fermo and San Severino. The first hosts the works by Jacobello del Fiore, Carlo Crivelli, Rubens and Giusto di Gand; while the second, deliciously lodged inside an historical palace of the centre, preserves the works by the Salimbeni brothers and gives you the opportunity to admire works by Pinturicchio and Paolo Veneziano.
The City Gallery in Ascoli Piceno is definitely prestigious: Tiziano, Guido Reni and Crivelli are coupled with some among the most important exponents of modern paint such as Turner and Polizza da Volpedo. From Ascoli you can leave for a joyful excursion in contemporary arts: the Galleria Osvaldo Licini, besides its wide collection of Licini’s works, preserves some masterpieces by Matta, Hartung, Morandi, De Pisis, Severini.
A chance you must not miss is the visit to the wonderful Palazzo Ricci collection in Macerata: here you can walk across the history of XX century through the works of Boccioni, Carrà, De Chirico, Balla, Savinio, De Pisis.

Among the numerous art museums in Marche we suggest you the Museo Omero in Ancona. Born as a Blind People Museum, it grew over the years and became a place unique in its kind in Europe. It can’t be only considered a collection of works for blind people, made of reproductions of important sculptures and paintings, the museum preserves some donations  of the main contemporary sculptors and gives you the opportunity to understand the real material essence of art.
Contemporary sculpture is even the core activity of TAM in Pietrarubbia and of the Centro in Cagli.

Among the most important contemporary collections we suggest you the Museum of Mail Art in Montecarotto, that gathers a collection of about 2500 drawings, collages, manipulated postcards and more, that have been sent by mail from all over the world. It also preserves graphic works by Ernesto Treccani, Zuffi, Orfeo Tamburi, Pericle Fazzini, Umberto Mastroianni and others.

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