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The end of the great dynasties and the power of the church didn’t favour artistic development on the  territory across XVII and XVIII century.  In the XVII we have many painter of the Carracci school, but the atmosphere had changed and there were no top level artists except for the constant presence of the Guercino on the territory: his works can be seen inside the main Galleries of the region and in some churches such as San Domenico in Ancona.

Across XVIII and XIX century with a boost of business and social activities in the main Marche centres we assist to a rebirth of artistic life. Wall paintings in the churches and in the palaces of the new noble personages. Among these works we point out the architectural and urban intervention by Vanvitelli in Ancona

Finally in the XX century Marche was recognized as a historical and artistic key point in Italy. The Region can be compared to a contemporary art laboratory and was the mother land of many important artists. Besides, collecting starts to be diffused, and today you can admire some precious museums like Palazzo Ricci in Macerata, showing the works of Boccioni, Carrà, Balla, De Pisis, de Chirico e many others: an indelible mark on Italian contemporary paint and history..

If the main artists of XX century were sculptors (Pomodoro, Trubbiani, Mannucci), we can’t forget the painters. We must remember Scipione (Gino Bonichi), with his powerful touch similar to Caravaggio, the great abstractionist and inventor of the Amalassunte Osvaldo Licini, the writer and painter from Jesi Orfeo Tamburi and, over the last few years, the main exponent of the trans avant-garde, Enzo Cucchi.
Then, despite still on a second level, two great illustrators Andrea Pazienza from San Benedetto and Tullio Pericoli.

The paint scene is very active and lively inside and outside the region.
There are numerous private collections that were exhibited in contemporary art galleries. Beside the unique Palazzo Ricci in Macerata, we recommend the Pinacoteca in Porto Recanati (Rosai, De Pisis, Fattori, Lega), the Museo specializzato di Arte Moderna e dell’informazione in Senigallia (Vasarely, Tamburi, Migneco, Brindisi).
In Ascoli we have the Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea Osvaldo Licini that, beside the works of the famous painter, houses the paintings of Matta, Fontana, Hartung, Morandi, de Pisis.
In the end, you can’t miss the Museo della Biennale dell’Umorismo in Tolentino, that preserves many works that over the years have been exhibited by Daumier, Topor, Altan, Jacovitti, Fellini, Mordillo.

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