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Pork is the king of the countryside. It is like one of the family, they call it by its name and take it for a walk. It was the basic ingredient of a family life and everyone was involved in the ritual of the Pista (pork butchering). Nowadays there are people that still butcher their own animals in the houses; this is a ritual that comes from very far in te tradional history and managed to create current quality and rare products.
The most particular is the Ciavuscolo (minced meat salami). It is the result of the combination between the less prestigious parts of the pork, a mixture of bacon, shoulder and chops with a good quantity of lard; finally they add garlic and wine. The result is a thick cream that can be spread on a slice of bread. Ciavuscolo capital is without doubt Visso, but it’s easy to find it in the whole southern region and in Ancona area, the only difference you could notice is maturation

An other mixture of the less prestigious parts of the pork is the Coppa, a salami made of skin, ears, tongue, cartilages and nose. This couldn’t sound delicious, but if you win your initial resistence you will certainly discover a new unmistakable taste of pepper, cinnamon, garlic, nutmegs, almonds and pistachios.
One of most precious and noble hams is the Ham of Carpegna, hand salted and 14 months seasoned. This rose and tasty ham boasts the DOP guarantee mark since 1996, while its origins date back to early XV century, when it was the preferred food of Urbino court.

Across XVI and XVII century an other product was really more precious than ham, it’s the Salami of Fabriano: pork leg meat flavoured with salt and pepper and then seasoned. Thanks to the hard work of the farmers who introduced once again the typical black pig with its fleshy consistency and strong taste, today we can enjoy an historical quality product.
Then we have the Cotechino di San Leo, whose recipe is still kept secret by the butchers of the town, the Soppressata in Fabriano, a mix of white meats and lard; the soft Porchetta of Cupramontana (pork leg), hugely stuffed with wild fennel.

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