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The Sasso Simone

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The Park is the heart of the Montefeltro area. This is the synthesis of this territory; a mix between steep limestone relieves and gentle hills. Flora is multicoloured and variegated, from grey of the stones, to red-green of the nuts trees and maples
In this hard to govern land Cosimo I de Medici decided to build the Città di Sasso (Stone Town), a fortress directly linked to Florence that had to show its power on the territory. The ruins are still visible.

The luxuriant Flora & fauna took possession of the territory despite many land lords fought for it. Nowadays the creation of the park gave a new prestigious image to a yet magnificent landscape. Piandimeleto and Pietrarubbia are the ideal starting point for your excursions, as well as in  Carpegna and Pennabilli, is possible to hire a mountain bike, horse riding or just organise a walking tour.

In this land you will know the Sassi (Stones), climb the hills covered with oaks, visit the protected area such as the Fauna Park or the botanical garden. In the end, if you want to take a break, don’t forget the wide range of food and wines you can find even in the smallest village.

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