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Fabriano’s roots dates back to phrehistory, findings in the area of Marche Appenine testify the presence of human beings at that time. The city was already famous during the Middle Age, a period in which the town reaches one of its most glorious fame,  Gentile da FAbriano famous artist of the time is one of the persons that left an indelible mark on the very long history of this place.

The city centre is a synthesis of different architectural styles ranging from IVth and Vth century perfectly immersed in nature. Walking around the town you can breath the pride of the Communal Period, a strong feel of communion with mountain and awareness of its tradition. In the meantime the heavy industrial development  made Fabriano a lively and active place, a very proud council of XXIst century


Fabriano city centre must be visited with calm,  the medieval atmosphere will catch your soul  while admiring the numerous historical buildings that the local administration has deeply valorised. Among them you will find the medieval Palazzo del Podestà (Governement Palace) of XIIIth century, and next to it the city symbol Fontana Maggiore (Major Fountain). Lo Spedale di Santa Maria del Buon Gesù is a wonderful example of late-gothic architecture as  the  Museo della Carta e della Filigrana (Paper and Filigree Museum) In the  Museo Farmacia Mazzolini Giuseppucci (Pharmacy Museum) you can see how an ancient pharmacy worked and its original furnishing was.

The lovers of Art can’t help visiting the city Gallery Pinacoteca civica Bruno Molajoli and must not forget the San Domenico complex, with the wonderful decorations by Allegretto Nunzi (XIVth century). For those who are looking for something totally different we propose to visit the unique Horror and Fantasy Museum,  that boasts one of the most complete collections of special effects and fantasy creatures such as monsters, aliens , ghosts and critters.


Fabriano, with its uncontaminated nature is one place that worth a visit above all for its food and wine. The famous salami is made here according to an ancient recipe using the typical black pigs and that for centuries was much more valuable than ham. Cooking is mainly made of mountain products, meal are huge and made of calorific ingredients, such as Truffle and mushrooms that spring a lot in this area.  To taste some typical recipes we suggest you the l’Osteria da Fortino in  the centre, an intimate place not so expensive. Always in the centre you can try  the Osteria Fricandò for your appetizers and dinners with wine and sliced meat.


In Fabriano there are particularly special clubs but all in all you can spend a good time there. The Mago di Oz  is a new generation disco pub with restaurant service and rare live concerts. The most interesting one is the ZanzibarClub that propose Live Music, Art shows and dance hall events. For the lovers of  discos, at the border of the town, there  is the New Kajal, a very hung out place for the youngest.


Next to Fabriano there’ s a small village called Cerreto d’Esi, here you will find the only Marche leaning tower 25 mt high, it reminds Ravenna Architecture but was built between XIVth and XVth century. An other important  feature of the tower is the fact that it is round outside and square inside. Among the merits of the ancient inhabitants of Fabriano is the invention of Filigree, in other words the mark on paper visible only with backlight.

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