Montefeltro arts and crafts

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Day 1 – Cartoceto, Pergola, Macerata Feltria
Arrival in the morning in Cartoceto. You have a tour to discover the village and its famous oil trees and mills. You learn about oil production during a typical lunch. Between October and November you can also see the olive picking.
In the afternoon, you move to Pergola to visit the famous Gilded Bronzes. This is the only Gilded Bronzes group  dating from Ancient Roman times still remaining in the world.
Then we move to Macerata Feltria. Dinner and overnight stay in a charming dwelling.

Day 2 – Urbania, Peglio
After the breakfast, you move to the village of Peglio and then to Urbania. Along its ancient streets you can breathe History and the Palazzo Ducale is an absolute renaissance masterpiece. But its Ceramics craft tradition is also famous and still lasts in the town. You can experience the technical and aesthetics knowledge during a ceramics art and decoration workshop. Lunch on your own.
At the end you go back to Macerata Feltria for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3 – Macerata Feltria
After the breakfast, you can attend one of some interesting workshops: Italian or Medieval cooking, embroidery or a lesson about Montefeltro’s History.

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