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Mannucci, Pomodoro and Trubbiani. Only their names could explain the importance of Marche in contemporary history and culture. But they also contributed to spread the interest and passion for painting, sculpture and more.

The Epicentre is without doubt Pesaro, thanks to its numerous initiatives and events organised by Arnaldo Pomodoro himself. Here we have a real urban contemporary sculpture park, while a few steps away, in Cagli there’s the seat of the Spac, the contemporary sculpture centre with educational sessions, workshops and a precious permanent collection.

In Pietrarubbia, we have the TAM (Metal Artistic Treatment Centre). As well as the Spac, it is the seat of many seminaries held by famous personages such as Umberto Eco, Tonino Guerra, Eliseo Mattiacci. It also hosts a permanent exhibition.
On the sculpture path the other side of the region is moving his own steps.

San Benedetto del Tronto, for example, assigned the renovation of its tourist centre to some of the most important international artists: Today you can admire sculptures by  Nespolo, Baj, Kostabi and many more in a particular open air museum.

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