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Describing Marche is getting harder and harder: here we have all kind of museums. Various and dedicated collections unique in their kind. We would like to mention them all, but it is not possible so we will evidence the most prestigious and astonishing.

Fabriano is an important destination due to its museums: the Museum of paper and filigree, with its medieval paper laboratory, an ancient pharmacy ant the beautiful gallery. Then we have the new Horror museum. It is dedicated to Horror and fantasy cinema and boasts an autograph by Carlo Rambaldi, the E.t. creator..
The Science Museums of Villa Vitali in Fermo probably boasts the primacy due to its large and detailed quantity of items. The elegant XIX century palace hosts an ethnographic Popular Museum, the only one in Italy, a Photography Museum, with its ancient cameras, a Tobacco Pipes Museum and an Ornithology Museum. But that’s not all: inside the building you will have the chance to see a real meteorite, that hit Fermo in 1966, and a botanical garden.

The Museo Piersanti in Matelica, is also very interesting, a variegated collection of historical valued items lodged in reconstructed ancient rooms. In Castelfidardo we have the Accordion Museum, in Cingoli the one dedicated to Sidecar, in Macerata the Lorry Museum.
In Sarnano too, we have the fascinating Weapons and Hammer Museum ,in Morrovalle the International Crib Museum, in Cupramontana, and this goes without words, the artistic Museum of Wine Bottle Labels.
These are some among the most particular collections you can find in the region, as well as some prestigious Science Museums.
Among them we mention The Physics Cabinet Museum in Urbino, visible only with reservation, the Archaeo-Speleo-Paleontological Museum in Genga, representing a concrete idea of the wonderful surrounding territory.
Pennabilli certainly deserves a special mention. The path of the I luoghi dell’anima (The soul spots) created by Tonino Guerra is extremely suggestive and relaxing. In the nearby you can also visit the Mateureka, the charming Mathematics Museum.

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